Zucchini Uno Omelette/Scramble

Hard to believe, but this plateful is only one egg. Zucchini, like time, seem to accelerate. Right about this time of year, you and your zucchini will begin doing an imitation of Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory. Garrison Keillor claims that July is the only month country people lock their cars in the […]

Fruit Gloop

Fruit gloop is what I call a metamucil or psyllium husk smoothie. If you’re in a hurry you can just mix metamucil and water and let it sit for about 10 minutes for the psyllium to absorb water and give it the thick gloopy texture. Adding fresh or canned fruit and blending allows a wide […]

Strawberry Lovers’ Plate

Two strawberry posts the same weekend – ’tis the season. Strawberries and cream is probably only a neck behind Motherhood and Apple Pie in popularity and a tiny bit of extra preparation makes a special dish out of the merely delicious. Lovers of strawberries can make their own helping and fly solo while lovers who […]

Strawberry Toast

Sometimes only bread will do – particularly on the weekend when you want a substantial brunch. Strawberry toast has color, flavor, and a bit of pizazz that add to the comfort of eating bread. It also makes the least bread taste the most. Strawberry Toast Bread – I prefer double fiber that is only 70 […]