More Melon Mischief

Here’s some more fun I had with another slice of that excellent Crenshaw melon. See what trouble studying fossils in grade school can get you into. Not sure trilobites have eyes – presumably they have three lobes – but I couldn’t resist. There are no limits here – fresh fruit salad Soma? Tangrams? Pentominoes? Maybe […]

Crenshaw Melon With Fresh Cherries

Last night’s melon was delicious so I had to have another slice today for breakfast out in the garden. The cherry stones are a bit fiddly to remove with a knife since I normally just eat cherries whole and spit out the stone and I don’t have one of those clever cherry stoner gizmos. Cutting […]

Melon and Prosciutto Longboats

Who says diets are boring? This makes a perfect starter course for your dinner party, or is delicious for dessert any time. It should be paper-thin prosciutto ham but all I had on hand was deli regular cooked ham thin slices that are a bit floppy to make the sail stand up. I had to […]