Dinner Menu: Sausages and Jicama Bake with Fresh Fruit Salad

Just an example of an easy, quick, filling, delicious and low calorie dinner menu for those busy weeknights that just adds one of my weaknesses, turkey italian sausages, to a Jicama Bake previously prepared. For this incarnation I added a can of corn and another of cut green beans to the Jicama prior to baking. […]

Jicama Jicama Two – Apple Raisin Cinnamon Jicama Bake

Jicama Jicama One only used half a jicama, so here is what I made with the rest of it. Apple crumble is my all-time favorite desert but is astronomical in calories so here comes jicama to the rescue. The flavor is every bit as good as real apple crumble. The texture isn’t the same as […]

Jicama Jicama One – Baked With Onions, Carrots and Garlic

I enjoyed the Jicama Home Fries I made last week and wanted to try hash browns but came up with this savory bake of shredded jicama, onion, carrot, and garlic instead. This tastes surprisingly good although as ever, jicama retains some of the crunch. It makes a very good substitute for pasta – I had […]

Jicama Home “Fries”

Potatoes are second only to bread as a staple of the Western diet but on 1500 calories/day they are out of the question. Jicama seems to be the only possible replacement in terms of calories (20% the cals of spuds) and can be made to look and taste like a reasonable substitute but you are […]