Cajun Garlic Zucchini Strips

These are inspired by some wonderful garlic zucchini I had at one of the Greek Islands restaurants west of Chicago many years ago, although I think those may have been fried or even batter-fried – yeow! By contrast, there are almost no calories in these, just a spray of PAM or a teaspoon of oil. […]

Hot And Sour Chinese Eggplant

This was one of my favorite lunch dishes at Chef Chen’s in Santa Clara – and here is a low calorie version that loses nothing except the sugar and most of the oil. Hot And Sour Chinese Eggplant 6 small Chinese eggplant or 3 bigger ones, cubed or sliced 3T soy sauce 2T red wine […]

Chinese Takeout On A Diet?

Chinese food is one of the things I miss when on a diet, but if the rest of the family is eating Chinese takeout, do you suffer with your salad, or indulge and regret it later? Here is a way to eat Chinese – a full, satisfying plateful, and stay within bounds. Instead of rice, […]

Jicama Jicama One – Baked With Onions, Carrots and Garlic

I enjoyed the Jicama Home Fries I made last week and wanted to try hash browns but came up with this savory bake of shredded jicama, onion, carrot, and garlic instead. This tastes surprisingly good although as ever, jicama retains some of the crunch. It makes a very good substitute for pasta – I had […]

Garlic Broccoli

I’ve been trying to reproduce the flavor of broccoli as cooked in most Chinese dishes and this is attempt number one using garlic and soy sauce. It tastes pretty good but it’s not exactly the flavor – maybe more chicken stock and less soy sauce perhaps. Garlic Broccoli #1 Two broccoli heads, cut into florets […]


The classic French summer vegetable stew, low fat ratatouille is another perfect diet food. It adds color, flavor, texture and substance to any plate, and is famous as a filling for omelettes or a topping for pasta, or as a side dish with virtually any other savory food. “Ra-tah-twee” is also quite pronounceable with a […]

Garlic Cabbage

This is just a variation on Ginger Cabbage with different seasonings. It’s like a cabbage version of ratatouille that goes in, on, under, or around anything else. I like a plateful of garlic cabbage topped with two poached eggs and a little salsa for a filling weekend brunch. Garlic Cabbage 1 head of cabbage, cut […]