Thai Red Curry Vegetable Medley

This qualifies as a nearly instant dinner or fast food all by itself, and makes an ideal side dish to complete a meal with chicken or fish. You can of course do this with just about any fresh vegetables also if you have the time to clean, chop, and cook them. Thai Red Curry Vegetable […]

Cauliflower Curry with Crab, Corn, Carrots and Cilantro

It wasn’t until I had all the veggies steaming in the microwave that I noticed the alliteration, honest! Yet another case of steamed veggies plus a little protein transformed by a Thai sauce, in this case a yellow peanut sauce. I have always liked Pollack, a creamy white fish, ever since I grilled a fresh […]

Jicama Jicama One – Baked With Onions, Carrots and Garlic

I enjoyed the Jicama Home Fries I made last week and wanted to try hash browns but came up with this savory bake of shredded jicama, onion, carrot, and garlic instead. This tastes surprisingly good although as ever, jicama retains some of the crunch. It makes a very good substitute for pasta – I had […]