Chinese Takeout On A Diet?

Chinese food is one of the things I miss when on a diet, but if the rest of the family is eating Chinese takeout, do you suffer with your salad, or indulge and regret it later? Here is a way to eat Chinese – a full, satisfying plateful, and stay within bounds. Instead of rice, […]

Garlic Cabbage

This is just a variation on Ginger Cabbage with different seasonings. It’s like a cabbage version of ratatouille that goes in, on, under, or around anything else. I like a plateful of garlic cabbage topped with two poached eggs and a little salsa for a filling weekend brunch. Garlic Cabbage 1 head of cabbage, cut […]

Cabbage Soup And Romaine Fajitas

The infamous cabbage soup diet has given cabbage soup a bad name, but this version is really tasty and makes an excellent first course at lunch or dinner, reducing your appetite for the main course. This recipe uses a whole head of cabbage, but if that is too much soup, you can halve the recipe, […]

Ginger Cabbage

Ginger cabbage was inspired by the vegetable part of Moo Shu Pork from our local Chinese Takeout. It adds both flavor and substance to any meal either as a main dish or accompanying meat or fish. It can be prepared in 15-20 minutes and makes an ideal add-on to leftovers to make a fresh meal. […]