Rice Cake Bruschetta

I never thought I would like rice cakes, but when they are topped with cottage cheese and bruschetta-style salsa with garlic and olives they are very tasty and make a substantial light snack. You can eat these cold or broil them for a few minutes to char the edges and heat up the toppings a bit. If you do broil them, put a thin slice of ham or turkey or cucumber under the cottage cheese or the rice cake will go a bit soggy in the middle.

Rice Cake bruschetta

Rice Cake Bruschetta
Per rice cake:
1 oz cottage cheese
1T bruschetta mix – can make your own by adding 1 clove crushed garlic, 2T chopped olives and 2T olive oil to normal jar of salsa
small slice of ham, turkey or cucumber slivers optional

65 calories per rice cake as shown with cucumber.

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