Thai Green Green Curry

Normally I wouldn’t bother with the frivolity of not-normal colored vegetables such as this green cauliflower (note not a broccaflower or whatever they are). But this one was a dollar cheaper than the usual white variety so caught my attention. I also usually go for color contrast in a dish, but I wanted Thai green curry and this cauliflower was the best available vegetable and got drafted. The recipe is simplicity itself, although we do cheat with a jar of Trader Joe’s tasty curry sauce.

Thai Green Green Curry

Thai Green Green Curry
1 cauliflower – green or white – alternately broccaflower or broccoli would work well also
8 oz pre-cooked chicken, e.g. rotisserie chicken
1 jar Trader Joe’s Thai green curry sauce.

Remove the stem and any leaf stalks from the cauliflower. Cut the cauliflower into florets and rinse thoroughly in the sink. Slice the leaf stems into slivers. Place all in a microwavable container and cover with shrink wrap.
Microwave on high for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile cut up the precooked chicken into bites.
When the cauliflower is done (check with a fork), add the chicken and jar of sauce to the cauliflower, recover, and microwave a further 3 minutes at 70% power.
Serve by itself or over another vegetable like spaghetti squash.

Serves 4, approx 425 calories per serving.

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  • Hi and thanks for the green curry recipe. It seems very delicious and still an easy to cook – I’m going to surprise my wife =) It will remind us of great time we spend in Thailand.