Pumpkin Cloudcakes

Thanksgiving is a day off for the diet and here is one of our family traditions – pumpkin cloudcakes. We clipped this recipe from the Chicago Tribune in the 1980s and have been making them every fall ever since. Pumpkin Cloudcakes Recipe – click to enlarge. Cook as above or make up the batter the […]

Carrot Apple Raisin Slaw

I had some leftover apple sauce to use and this is the result which has me raving – truly much better tasting than the sum of the ingredients. Can use this slaw as a colorful side dish on your Thanksgiving table or just eat for dessert or a snack. It has a crunchy-chewy sweetness that […]

Rice Cake Bruschetta

I never thought I would like rice cakes, but when they are topped with cottage cheese and bruschetta-style salsa with garlic and olives they are very tasty and make a substantial light snack. You can eat these cold or broil them for a few minutes to char the edges and heat up the toppings a […]

Thai Green Green Curry

Normally I wouldn’t bother with the frivolity of not-normal colored vegetables such as this green cauliflower (note not a broccaflower or whatever they are). But this one was a dollar cheaper than the usual white variety so caught my attention. I also usually go for color contrast in a dish, but I wanted Thai green […]

Butternut Squash “Fries”

Sweet potato fries have been popular for a while, but I think these taste even better and per pound butternut squash is only 204 calories compared with 345 for sweet potatoes and 469 for ordinary potatoes. Butternut Squash “Fries” 1 butternut squash, about 3 pounds makes 50-60 half-moon fries Turn on the oven to 350 […]