Mackerel Salad

Mackerel is high in omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart health and is about one-third the price of salmon in this tough economy. Mackerel Salad 1 15 oz can mackerel fillets – separated into halves and bones removed 1 head romaine lettuce 1 medium tomato 2 oz carrot shreds 2 oz broccoli shreds […]

Supersteak Tomato Stuffed With Tuna Salad

These supersteak tomatoes we got from a friend are 4 inches across. I used one on yesterday’s fish, and here is another stuffed with tuna salad. Tuna Salad 2 x 6oz cans white tuna 1 stalk celery sliced thin 1/4 onion chopped fine 1/4 carrot grated fine 4T light mayo salt + pepper salad 1 […]

Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Salad 1/4 Seedless Watermelon – the round kind – about 9-10inch diameter 2 medium tomatoes – for a variation and contrasting color try passion fruit instead 2 oz blue or feta cheese crumbled 2 spring/green onions sliced into rounds 1/4 cup fresh basil 4T light balsamic dressing – e.g. Newmans Own Cut the watermelon […]

Mustard Greens Turkey Rollup

This isn’t your typical boring turkey rollup since it uses peppery-flavored mustard greens that may not suit everyone’s taste. Cool sliced tomatoes and some light ranch dressing mollify the heat of the greens. Mustard Greens Turkey Rollup 1 large mustard greens leaf per rollup 2 oz turkey breast 1oz grated carrot 2T light or fat […]

Chinese / Oriental Chicken Salad

One of my favorite salad restaurants in Silicon Valley, Sweet Tomatoes, has a house salad that is my favorite Chinese chicken salad. This is very close but without any wontons and gets its crunch from the romaine and the carrots. The dressing I use is the excellent Newman’s Own Light Sesame Ginger that is only […]

Squash Blossom Salad

This morning my zucchini plants had a ton of (male) flowers so I made Squash Blossom Salad for lunch. I’m amazed at the picture – the flower really glows. Squash Blossom Salad Salad Several squash blossoms – cut up with scissors and save one whole one per plate for garnish. Negligible calories.